Cellar Door

Kennedy Point Winery is tucked among the Pohutukawa trees overlooking Waiheke Island’s Kennedy Bay. Sit and enjoy the stunning sea views or relax in the picturesque picnic area in the Olive Grove.

It is the perfect setting to sample our award-winning organic wines, extra virgin olive oil and Kennedy Point honey. Our tasting plate selections are paired with the wines to enhance the entire experience.

We are open every day from 11am to 3pm or by appointment for wine, olive, avocado oil and honey tasting.

We offer customized tours, private long lunches, group wine tasting or afternoon celebrations for groups of up to 30 people during the summer season. Call us on 09 372 5600 for more information.

Cellar Door Experience

Experience Kennedy Point’s award winning organic wines at the cellar door.

Our tastings include three wines of the day, olive and avocado oil for $9 per person.

Relax in the Olive Grove or on the winery decks with a glass of wine and a tasting plate from the selection below.
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